Prayer Requests
Prayer Needs
Bev Clark - home from hospital recovering from surgery
Tom Gieck - Recovering from a mild heart attack
Brittani & Dorothea - Sick and not feeling well
Bob & Phyllis Price - Health Issues
Crystal Morin - Possible complications with pregnancy
Janel - Torn ligament in knee
April - Blood pressure spiking again
Art Zeigler - Blood infection and Cancer in a Kidney
Leo - dealing with diabetes
Rubens son - Health issues with sugar levels
Josh Osuna - Samantha’s brother recovering from a crash
Jenn Townsell - Osteoprosis
Britt & Aaron - Britt adjusting to new job, Job for Aaron
Billy, Charlottes bother - Colon Cancer
Leandra Denton - Heart issues 
Johnna - Health issues
Michele Foss - Fatigue/pain from chemical imbalance issues
Marriages / Parents
College Students Away from home (Samantha, Lauren, Derrick, Bradley, Eduardo, Chris)

Holtville First Assembly of God
Loving, Following, and Proclaiming Jesus

Weekly Prayer Focus
Church - Pastor Michael & Michele
                 Sunday School Classes
Community - Home Schoolers
                        Holtville Businesses & Chamber of Commerce
                        Beth El Asamblea de Dios - Pastor Roacha
Section - Desert Shores A/G - Pastor Victor Aguirre
U.S. Missions- Chi Alpha UCLA - Winston & Kimberly Bui
World Missions- Papua New Guinea - Adam & Martha Boyd