Prayer Requests
Prayer Needs
​Our communities and country in this COVID crisis
Our Nation dealing with racism, justice and violence
Families who have losses due to COVID
Ledaana's Sister Lisa - Recovering from broken arm and surgery
Katherine Dunnam - Jack's sister-in-law in her last stages
Richie Shiffer - co-worker of Kristi with COVID
Armando Alvarez - Friend of Donnie's with COVID
Ruthann Paddack - Cancer treatments
April Castenada - Upcoming tests - Blood Pressure
Candace Casida - Her daughter died of an overdose
Ledeana - Migraines and seizures
Lanis Beach -  heart issues
Crystal Morin - At home with new baby
Rachelle Velarde with cancer and her baby needs heart surgery
Jeanette Eberli - Has had an eye infection, better but continuing
Mike Kierney - Rehab & recovery from cancer
Charlotte - continuing to recover from foot surgery, & Family
Leandra's brother

Holtville First Assembly of God
Loving, Following, and Proclaiming Jesus

Weekly Prayer Focus
Church - Pastor Michael & Michele
                 Transition back to Live Sun. & Wed.
                 Children's Ministry - Benevolence Food deliveries
Community - Students at home and the parents
                        Blossom Convalescent Home
                        Holtville Nuevo Generacion A/G - Pastor Merino
Section - Winterhaven Spanish A/G - Pastor William Hunter
U.S. Missions-  Refugee Ministries - Steven & Simona Arnold
World Missions- Costa Rica - William Dunton